Friday, May 21, 2010

Foodless Friday: Backyard

Growing up, I had the best back yard...
okay, so this wasn't technically my back yard... but it was behind my house and up until I was 9 or 10 my great uncle owned the land directly behind my house so we had permission to go off and explore it. There was a canal that ran down the hill on the right side of the photo - unfortunately you can't see it, but it is where the large group of trees are. It was always a fun treat to go exploring and playing in the water. We did not have close neighbors so most of the time the 'we' consisted of my older sister, older brother and myself. Back then we didn't have to have any expensive toys or gadgets to entertain ourselves, all we had to do was step outside.

What was your backyard like? Did you have a backyard?

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  1. I had regular backyards growing up, but I don't have one now and do I ever wish I did. Every summer, I start thinking we'd better get a new apartment or buy a house or something, just to have a backyard and therefore have barbeques!

    Of course, since I live in Boston, this feeling passes about September or October.


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