Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Here's my goals from this past week:

Sugar Intake Reduction - It was my husband's birthday during this past week, naturally I am not counting his birthday party sugar intake, but I did snitch the day before when I was making the cake... I've decided that it is near impossible to not eat some cake and frosting when making and decorating a cake.

One New recipe per week - The cake I made for my husband's birthday was a new recipe, unfortunately - it wasn't that great. It was suppose to be a malted milk cake but we couldn't taste the malted part of it. I'm going to have to try making one that tastes like malt!

Exercise  - Exercise has been going pretty well, except yesterday I only was able to get in about 10 minutes - I do have a good excuse though - our son is not feeling well and has diarrhea, so I was interrupted exercising to change a diaper and didn't get to continue.

Read 1 good book per month - Read Mary Poppins. I find it interesting the differences between the book and the movie. One example - the scene where they jump into the chalk pavement picture in the book actually only was Mary Poppins and Burt - it was on her day off so the children weren't with them.

How are your goals coming? Feel free to comment every week so we can help each other keep on track!

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