Monday, November 1, 2010

Menu: Oct 25-31

So last week's menu winner is Bacon Mac & Cheese - I'll be posting that recipe on Thursday.

We've had roasted chicken twice this week since I got them on a super deal. The two we had were pre-seasoned... so no tips about baking chickens this week ;). Today has been a crazy day so this is a little late. Here's the menu (pictures will be added later.)


Monday: Lemon Pepper Chicken with herbed potatoes & Carrots (sorry no picture)

Tuesday: Frozen Pizza
Wednesday: Black Bean Soup

Thursday: Meatloaf (made by my mom)

Friday: Congregation dinner
Saturday: Herb Burgers (rice & Gravy)
Sunday: Roasted Mesquite Chicken with Carrot soup and baked potatoes

Vote for the recipe you want to see next Thursday (Nov. 11).

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  1. I love black bean soup but life is crazy around here too--so I'm thinking frozen pizza is more realistic:)


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