Thursday, November 18, 2010

Cheesy Sourdough Bread

 This is a great appetizer to make for any dinner... or for anything really. It doesn't even have to be an appetizer. Just make it. It's delicious. I first had it 5 years ago and absolutely love this delicious cheesy bread. There are not very many ingredients, and the assembly is the trickiest part, but biting into a piece of this bread will make all the stuffing worth it! Now on to the bread.
 Cheesy Sourdough Bread
 First you'll need some sourdough bread. This is a dinner roll, but I normally use a loaf or boule of bread for this. I did get some sourdough bread bowls from Atlanta Bread Co to make these once and it worked great - it is perfect for entertaining couples - each couple got their own to share.
 Cut slices into the bread - do not cut all the way through - leave a bit at the bottom (a half inch for a loaf, but only about a fourth inch for the rolls.)
 Cut slices 1 inch apart in loafs and 1/2 inch in the rolls.
 Then repeat cutting crosswise.
 You'll roll (or loaf) will look like this when done.
 Since we used rolls everybody got their own.
 Next you'll need the cheese - Pepper Jack Cheese
 and Monterey Jack Cheese
 Cut into slices (if using rolls you'll need to cut the slices in half lengthwise again.)
 Stuff the Pepper Jack cheese all the way to the bottom of the slits.
 Be sure to stuff each crevice in the bread.
 It will look like above when all the Pepper Jack is stuffed into the bread.
 Here's another view. You can see how you'll need to cut some of the cheese into squares.
 Next you'll need the Monterey Jack Cheese.
 Stuff the Monterey Jack Cheese into the bread on top of the Pepper Jack.
 Doesn't it just look so delicious? Ok, maybe not, but it looks promising!
 Place the bread onto some foil.
 Bring the sides of the foil up around the bread.
 If you want to you can add 2 tsp melted butter to this - not necessary and I like it better without but if you have dry bread it helps moisten it. My mom likes using the butter so I thought I'd share it.
 Drizzle the butter over the entire roll/loaf.
 If using a loaf you'll need 1/4 to 1/2 cup butter.
 Once you've poured over the butter (or not - depending on how you want to make it),
 Fold the foil over.
 Be sure to secure the foil so butter cannot escape if you used the butter. But enclose the bread in the foil.
 I placed all my rolls in a pan (I usually place loafs on a cookie sheet.)
 You can see the ones on the right have a "b" on them, that's for those who like the butter. Bake for 20 minutes at 350 degrees or until cheese is melted.
 Serve immediately.
 Enjoy every gooey bite! You can reheat these, but my personal feeling is that they can be a bit to greasy if you use butter in the first place (but I've had an issue with oil since I got pregnant with my son.)


  1. Cheese and bread-my two favorite things! These look awesome!

  2. Mmm, this looks marvelous. It's similar to what my husband did with one of those loaves of pre-made garlic bread and a bunch of cheddar cheese when we were camping a couple years ago - he wrapped it in foil and buried it in the coals of the fire. But that wasn't sourdough, and man do I love sourdough!

  3. I can't wait to try this! Love your blog!!

  4. Yep, I am definitely trying these. Looks so easy. All you need is some tomato soup. Aren't these kinda like toasted cheese sandwiches only much more interesting?


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