Monday, November 15, 2010

Menu: Nov 8-14

Somehow it does not surprise me that the cheese stuffed sourdough bread won last week's poll. It did surprise me that no one wanted Chicken Pot Pie. Which is why I have you all select what recipe you want me to post so I don't have to figure it out on my own!

This week's menu: 

Monday: Potato, Ham & Cheddar Soup - this is one of our favorites!
Tuesday:  Congregation Dinner

Wednesday: Potato, Ham & Cheddar Soup

Thursday: Caramalized Onion Burgers
Friday: Frozen Pizza
Saturday: Three Bean Chili & Cornbread
Sunday: Navajo Tacos
Vote for which recipe you want to see next Thursday.


  1. The thing with voting is that we can only vote for our number one choice - if something is everyone's second choice, it's not going to get any votes and it'll look wildly unpopular, even though that's not really true.

  2. Looks good! PS. we only have one computer too!

  3. Oh my gosh - that looks AMAZING!
    Those Navajo tacos sound amazing!


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