Monday, July 19, 2010

Menu: July 12-18

Today has been great fun, I actually got to sleep in (hubby got up with my son and let me sleep - my son hasn't been sleeping that well lately due to cutting in 5 or 6 teeth!) Then we all (hubby, me and our son) went to help one of my good friends load a washer and dryer she bought (used). It was great fun! Really my husband helped her brother load it and I just tried to look strong... I like to pretend I can do things like that. I use to be able to - in high school I took weight lifting for 2 semesters. I actually got pretty good - I could bench press 140 lbs at the end (of course that was my maximum - I only had to lift it twice!) I am not that strong anymore, but I like to pretend. Now on to our menu from the past week:


Monday: Take out - we helped clean our church and I was too tired to think about making anything.

Tuesday: Ate out - Another date reenactment... except we had our son with us and unfortunately he needed a nap... needless to say it was not nearly as romantic!
Wednesday: Pineapple Chicken Fajitas

Thursday: Tuna Burgers

Friday: Tin Foil Dinners (I finally remembered to take a photo of these!)

Saturday: Chicken Soup (the recipe is for chicken noodle soup, but I left out the noodles for this dinner - we had it because hubby wasn't feeling very well :( )
Sunday: Spinach Pancakes

No poll this week as the only new menu item was Tin Foil Dinners - which will be posted on Thursday. We had a week of old favorites as you can see.

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  1. It all sounds great especially the spinach pancakes!


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