Friday, July 23, 2010

Kitchen Mishaps

Do you ever have days when cooking that nothing seems to go right? Tuesday was that day for me... The door to our large freezer was not shut completely for a day so some chicken in the front had thawed out - which meant that is what I needed to cook for dinner. I decided to grill the chicken and pair it with a salad. When I went to get the meat thermometer out of the drawer my thumb came into contact with the blade to my hand blender and bled for over a minute. I wrapped a small piece of a paper towel around it to keep blood from getting everywhere. The dumb thing is that blade does not belong in the same area of the drawer as the meat thermometer. It belongs in the container of the hand blender that I use with it.

After I had retrieved the meat thermometer I headed back out to check the chicken. One piece looked like it was still fairly raw even though the temperature said it was done - so I trusted my eyes and cooked it for a little longer. I think we may need a new meat thermometer. After a few more minutes I cut into the chicken and it looked finished so I was removing them from the grill with a pair of metal tongs. The tongs are very long and even though they do not have a rubber grip I've never had the heat travel all the way to the end. No I did not get burned, the tongs did not get that hot at the end. Instead as I was lifting the last piece of chicken off the grill, I caught my pinky in the tongs and now my pinky looks like I have a miniature snake bite. The top part of the 'bite' actually bled, the bottom part got a blood blister. Needless to say with the pain searing in my hand I dropped the tongs and the chicken. Could the chicken have landed back on the grill and made my life easier? No, it had to land on the ground. Covered in dirt. I guess sometimes you just can't win. (For those of you wondering what happened to the chicken, I rinsed it off inside and put it back on the grill for a couple of minutes to help it dry out and get some of the grill flavor back.)

Have a great weekend!


  1. Geez that sounds awful, I hope everything is ok now! I hope your pinky gets better!
    I really like your blog.

  2. Oh man, what a series of bummers! I hope your injuries heal quickly!


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