Thursday, August 20, 2009

Tuna Sandwich (no mayo)

I have a confession to make... I like to buy things that I don't always use. I bought some tuna a while back, thinking I would use it. It's sat in the cabinet for 6-8 months (not a long time really considering...) The other day I decided to try something different with it. I do not buy mayo/miracle whip (I'm also not getting into an argument about which is better, but I cast my vote for Mayo. The reason I like mayo better has a long story behind it) simply because Hubby doesn't like it and I don't use enough on my own to justify the expense. I also do not feel healthy when I eat Mayo... but that might go back to the story behind why I don't like Miracle Whip.

So not having Mayo in my house I decided to try a different way to make a tuna sandwich. The secret of this tuna sandwich is Italian dressing. It adds a hint of flavor and goes well with any veggies that I would consider putting in tuna.

Take one can tuna (5-6 oz), some chopped up some veggies, 1 tbsp Italian dressing , mix it all together and put half of it on a slice of bread. (Hubby also doesn't like tuna so I had this two days in a row, it kept very well in the fridge for a day)
This particular sandwich had Julienne carrots, diced red bell pepper (left over from the Chicken Fajita Pizza) and green onions. You can be creative with what you put in it. Some other fresh produce you could consider are: celery, onions, green bell pepper. You can also put lettuce on this and it would be great. I didn't have any extra at the time. Top with Feta cheese (you can also use Mozzarella, or Parmesan. Cover with another slice of bread.

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  1. I like to put olive oil and vinegar in my tuna! That is my favorite alternative to mayo - which is my favorite. Thanks so much for your comment! :)


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