Monday, June 21, 2010

Menu: June 14-20 (Better late than never...)

Saturday afternoon our neighbors just down the road decide to dig up their yard to put in a sprinkler system, and I probably would not have given this any thought in the future except they cut the phone cable. So all weekend we only had cell phone use, no land line, no internet. I'm not one of the super fancy cell phone users who accesses the internet from a phone... the screens are just too small for me to want to bother with - and that's pretty much the excuse I will be using for years to come I'm sure. We did get our phone and internet use back this evening (and then I made dinner and put my son to bed...)

Oh and for those of you who noticed that I missed posting on Friday, I'll be writing about last Friday this Friday. I honestly thought of trying to include more Fridays in the previous sentence, but decided against it - I really should not try to be clever at 11PM. 

Our Menu:

Monday: Turkey Avocado Sandwiches (same as the Chicken Avocado Sandwich only with turkey instead)

Tuesday: Turkey Salad Sandwiches (Final Photos only)

Wednesday: Chicken Salad (just a plain salad with breaded chicken - I did use home made Italian herb bread so it was really delicious!) No pictures sorry

Thursday: French Toast (picture & recipe: French Toast Bites) - I made the French toast with cinnamon bread and it turned out great. Poll recipe - Bread Tutorial - Step By Step Pictures

Friday: Kabobs - I must be cursed with Kabobs I never manage to get pictures of them! I marinated chicken in Italian Dressing - it is an awesome marinade for grilling and kabobs.

Saturday: Grilled Hamburgers (again... no pictures just plain grilled hamburgers.)

Sunday: Slow Cooker Roast

Be sure to vote for which recipe you want to see on Thursday.

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