Monday, June 28, 2010

Menu: June 21-27

 We had an interesting week this week. I had high hopes for making a great menu this week, but I ended up not feeling very well on a couple of days (you can tell the days when I felt the worst by Frozen Pizza showing up on the menu. I try not to use it that often, although it has been making it on the menu a little too often lately - probably has something to do with the fact they were on sale recently.)
My goal today is to clean out our fridge and find what I need to use and plan my menu accordingly for next week. (I also just need to clean out our fridge, some of my son's whole milk got spilled into one of the crisper drawers the other day. Yuck.) Wait until next week to see what I end up making!

Here's last week's menu:

 Monday: Enchiladas - made with corn tortillas - Step by Step Photos
Tuesday: Enchiladas (same recipe was Monday only made with whole wheat tortillas)

Wednesday: Frozen Pizza

Thursday: Omelets (No picture - we had a garden veggie omelet - chopped spinach in the eggs, bell pepper, onion, parsley and cilantro inside with cheddar cheese.)

Friday: Ate out
Saturday: Mediterranean Frittata (Final Photo Only) and Banana Muffins (one of the first recipes I posted)

Sunday: Frozen Pizza

Vote for which recipe you want to see on Thursday! 

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  1. Monday: Enchiladas - made with corn tortillas - Step by Step Photos


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