Thursday, July 5, 2012

Egg Toast

 I hope you all had a great 4th of July. We watched fireworks - first time with the kiddo and he loved them!

Growing up my dad would occasionally make us breakfast. Most of the time for breakfast we had cold cereal as my parents both had a lot to do in the mornings to get my siblings with sever disabilities ready for school and my dad out the door for work. This meant that when we had something besides cereal for breakfast it was usually on the weekend (or holidays)... and not always then - it just depended on how hectic life was at the moment! 

My dad was really great at making fried eggs. One of the ways we loved our fried eggs was in Egg Toast... I know this dish has a ton of names, but I'm calling it egg toast. It is simple and easy, but I have so many fond memories of watching my dad take a mason jar and cut a perfect circle in the slice of bread, placing the bread in the pan, and carefully making sure the egg went into the center of the circle. (Have I mentioned my dad was pretty much a perfectionist!?) I couldn't wait until it was finished cooking so I could devour this delicious creation. 

Funny enough, I don't make this dish hardly at all... maybe because in my memory only my dad made it. (I honestly can't remember my mom making these, although she could have!) So I may have some gender role issues with this dish... However, sometimes when I get a craving for them, I do make them myself.

Egg Toast

First you'll need bread - one slice per egg. Cut a hole in the middle of the bread (perfectly circular or not - just go with your level of perfectionism.)
Place the bread in a warmed pan and place an egg into the hole. The egg should sizzle when it touches the pan or it may start running all over the pan!
 Once the egg and bread have browned on one side, flip and let finish cooking.
 Once the egg is cooked through, remove and serve warm (because cold fried eggs just aren't that good).
(Although this is mainly a breakfast dish in our house, we had it for dinner one night!) I love pairing it with ham!

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