Friday, June 29, 2012

Anxious and Waiting

Yep it's true, I'm anxious and waiting not anxiously awaiting! A week an a  half ago I wrote about thinking the worst... in which I discussed the very real fact that we could have had a baby 6 weeks early. However everything worked out and I simply had to do kick counts! 

Now exactly 2 weeks after getting the AFI done and learning everything was fine, I'm back to wondering how early my baby is going to come... we went to the OB on Wednesday and while I am not dilated at all the doctor was surprised I wasn't at all dilated. Mainly because our baby's head is so low in my pelvis. I also learned that his head being this low is giving me worse back pain AND occasional cramps. 

I think my husband and I have both reached the point where we pretty much are sure that this baby is not going to reach 40 weeks. (Child #1 was born at 40 weeks and 1 day.)  I am more inclined to think that this child is coming whenever he wants and is being particularly annoying about it! I've pretty much had contractions every hour (only 1-3 typically) since Saturday (when I had contractions 7-10 minutes apart for 4-5 hours). However for the last few days I've had a at least an hour of them anywhere from 5-10 minutes apart for an hour or so.

So needless to say I'm a little more anxious that this baby will be coming sooner than later (although I do realize that he could still come closer to 40 weeks than 36 weeks - where I'll be tomorrow!) I was told by my OB to 'take it easy' so now every time I start getting a few more contractions I feel obligated to not cook, clean, or do anything that isn't absolutely necessary (so much for that nesting instinct that should be kicking in sometime soon!) However it makes me grateful that I was being overly prepared a few weeks ago and actually have an entire month's worth of meals in the freezer because now I don't feel like I actually have to get those ready for that first month after baby is born! It also makes me grateful that I'm not on bed rest... I don't know how all you who have had to deal with bed rest handle it! It would drive me nuts - sometimes just 'taking it easy' drives me nuts...

I know with each day that passes my baby is growing a bit more and will be better able to survive in the outside world. But each bout with contractions makes me wonder just how much longer he is going to stay inside! So here I am anxious and waiting... anxious that baby will come today... waiting for another day to come without giving birth. 

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