Friday, July 13, 2012

Murphy's Law of Parenting

Happy Friday the 13th Everybody. I hope your day is going great and nothing unlucky has happened (or will happen!)

Since it's Friday the 13th, I'm going to share a list with you... Murphy's Law of Parenting (specifically the under 5 age group!)

1. If you have the opportunity to sleep in, your child chooses that morning to wake up earlier than normal.

2. If your child sleeps late and you don't have to get up, the doorbell or phone will ring and make you get up.

3. In the time it takes you to clean a room, your child has already made the one you cleaned just before a complete disaster.

4. If you can't find a permanent marker you just had, chances are your child already has and is finished coloring on the walls/floor/ceiling of every room in the house.

5. There is no such thing as a leak-proof sippy cup.

6. The peaceful moment when you think your child is behaving somewhere else will usually result in a mess to clean up.

7. The more of a mess a food will make, the more likely it is to be spilled/dumped, etc. Bread with jam will ALWAYS land jam side down.

8. The moment you are heading out the door (usually rushing to get somewhere important) is when the baby will have a blowout (or child can't wait to go potty.)

9. Your child will eat pretty much anything while at his friend's house (or grandma's house) but won't even consider touching it while at home.

10. Your child will pick up on one word that accidentally slipped out of your mouth and use it in public or in front of your parents.

11. Your children will always need something as soon as you're sitting down and comfortable. (Probably why you can never get past the first line in any book!)

12. Children have camera radar - as soon as it gets close they stop being cute and start acting up (or if you want to record them playing, as soon as the camera gets close they stop.)

13. As soon as you sit down to use the potty, your child (whose just trained/in training) will need to use the SAME potty (because they can't use the spare one!)

What Murhpy's Law of Parenting do you relate to most? Feel free to add your own!

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  1. It's fantastic! I'm so glad you wrote this one!


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