Thursday, February 23, 2012

Beef Fajitas

I do have to admit that I was really spoiled with my last pregnancy. We lived in a college town and there were an abundance of places to eat of all types. Here we have mainly fast food, a few Mexican-type places, a few Chinese places, and then the rest is American food. However my favorite places to eat while I was pregnant then are not available here. :(. I guess that's what we get for living in a rural area! I do however keep thinking back to the places we frequented then and wishing that I could go eat at (fill in blank here.) One of my favorite places to eat was a soup/sandwich/salad place called Atlanta Bread Company (which incidentally isn't there anymore either...) They had these delicious bread bowls and wonderful soup (as well as really good sandwiches!) There are other places that I crave to eat at as well... Those of you in places that actually have a good selection of places to eat - be grateful!

Cravings are sometimes so strange. About the time I started getting heartburn with this pregnancy I started craving fajitas. The craving only lasted a few days, but fajitas and heartburn do not get along. However, I do know how to handle calming down heartburn when I eat food that aggravates it... so I usually give into the craving! Especially when nothing else is really sounding good. I typically like chicken fajitas... I'll get into why I like chicken better than beef some other time though. However, another great craving I have when pregnant is for steak. I would have to admit that my husband doesn't mind this craving... One time we were discussing it and he said something like, "it's not like you are craving Pickles and Ice-Cream, you crave Steak and that's not something I can really complain about!" Because most of the time when I crave steak we go out to get it. (Incidentally I've only found one place that I've loved the steak at here and that is Golden Corral... the guy who grills it is amazing and even the well done steak - for pregnancy safety - is tender.)

Beef Fajitas

With these fajitas I used a frozen bell pepper and onion mix - 8 oz. It was about half onions. Normally I use 1 large onion, sliced.
Since the frozen mix was mostly onion, I sliced up a green and red bell pepper. Had I not used the frozen mix, I would have probably added one more pepper of another color, cost permitting.
You'll also need a steak. This one was about 8 oz.
Slice it into strips.
In a large skillet over medium high heat, add 2 Tbsp oil (I typically use Olive Oil, but Canola or any other that does well with high temperatures would work fine.)
Cook the steak strips in the oil until completely cooked.
The liquid cooks off as it finishes cooking.
So you'll need to add 1/8 cup water (2 Tbsp).
Pour it into the pan.
Along with 1 Tbsp of Fajita Seasoning. (You can use the linked recipe or a packed bought at the store.) You can also add more or less seasoning if you like.
Dump it in and stir it to coat all the beef.
Cook until liquid is dissolved.
Remove cooked steak from pan and place into a bowl or on a plate and set aside.
Next add the onions and bell peppers to the pan.
Cook until crisp-tender, or to your desired done-ness.
Next, add 1-2 Tbsp Fajita Seasoning adding water if necessary.  Stir to coat and let cook 1-2 more minutes. Remove from heat.
You'll also need some lettuce washed, dried and cut up.
To assemble, place tortilla on a plate.
Spread on a layer of Sour Cream, or you can skip this if you like. You can also add guacamole for an extra flavor kick.
Top with a layer of bell pepper and onion mixture.
Then add the beef. (Alternatively you could mix the beef in with the pepper mixture, but then you can't control how much you get...)
Next, top with cheese.
Tomatoes, or fresh salsa.
Then top with lettuce.
Wrap up and enjoy.
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