Monday, February 20, 2012

I'm back

Hello everybody, after what seems like ages and ages I'm back to blogging again! It honestly seems like it hasn't been that long until I look at the fact it is February. When the morning sickness finally abated I felt like I had come out of a dense fog, and it is honestly hard to believe that I am 17 weeks pregnant. I feel like I should be 10 weeks, maybe. The really sad part is that I haven't kept up with others during the past almost 3 months. I in some ways feel like an estranged family member coming back after years of being gone. (Okay so maybe not that drastic, but you get the point.) I have no clue what's been happening in other bloggers lives that I usually follow so closely because I honestly couldn't read a post that talked/mentioned/had pictures of food when I had morning sickness. So here I come back from my hiatus and will probably try to ease back into reading all my posts and commenting on other blogs again. Oh and responding to comments and emails here again.

During my time off I have decided to change a few things... such as the weekly poll will be done away with. This was a hard decision for me because I've had it since I started the blog and felt it let you give me feedback. I feel like it made different than other blogs. However after considering the following, I've decided it really wasn't working...
 1- in the last poll only 2 people voted... I know I don't have the most trafficked site, but I know more than 2 people visit my site in a week, and the number of votes just don't equal the traffic I do get, so I feel that as my readers most of you really don't use this feature.
 2 - In doing the weekly poll it does not allow me to get extra posts ready in case I'm going to be gone or don't have time to write that day/week.
 3 - I have tons of posts I can edit pictures of and post recipes that I really love but did not make the polls... so I can do that now.
 4 - Let's be honest - in July I'm going to have a baby so if I were still doing a poll and didn't have posts already written, I'd be taking a long blogging break again...
 5 - It just feels right.

That is the major change that will be taking place on this site now I'm back. I will still be posting my menus and new recipes each week. I'll be posting the Beef Fajita recipe first since it was the last poll winner. I will not however be posting my menu this week (due to not keeping track of it last week...)

Oh and thank goodness that my morning sickness is over!


  1. My problem with the polls was that I could never decide which recipe I wanted the most, and it made voting hard. Thank you for making my life a little bit easier by removing one stressful decision from my week!

  2. Welcome back! And by the way, I like the new layout!

  3. <3 the new layout and I agree with Elise! Welcome back!


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