Monday, February 28, 2011

Menu: Feb 21-27

I got some new cookbooks (I got them all for a great price and am loving the new recipes) recently and went through a few to find some new recipes. I made a few of them this past week, amazingly enough. Looking back I realize that I wasn't feeling well the whole week, but managed to make some pretty good meals despite being sick (except for a couple of meals.)  I'm on my way to finally being over this cold and hopefully will be feeling all the way better tomorrow.

I have to tell you, I love having a picture of the finished product in a cookbook. They really help to decide whether I want to make it or not. That is probably one of the reasons I post pictures every week with the menu items. This week however, I was not all with it so the pictures either did not get taken (Avocado Soup) or I did not get a finished product (Sloppy Joes).

Here's the menu:

Monday: Cream of Avocado Soup (my son loved it, but neither Hubby or I enjoyed it a lot.) Somehow I did not end up with a picture of this, but I had a head-cold so it doesn't surprise me!

Tuesday: Feta and Cherry Tomato open omelet

Wednesday: Sloppy Joes

Thursday: Beef Stroganoff (made by my mom)

Friday: Orange Chicken - I made this recipe from Annie's Eats and we loved it! I added 1 Tbsp orange juice concentrate, substituted 3 Tbsp of the White Vinegar with Rice Vinegar, and reduced the brown sugar to 1/3 cup. One final note: if you don't do well with spicy (hot) food, don't add the cayenne pepper (or ground red pepper) to the sauce (you can still add it to the chicken dip.)

Saturday: Frozen Pizza

Sunday: Three Cheese Mac and Cheese I used Veggie Mac Pasta, hence the colors. Although I think my son thought the green ones were green beans!

He ate all the rest except for the green pasta!

Vote for the recipe you want to see next week.  Herb Baked Eggs will be posted on Thursday!


  1. Fun. I'm excited to see each picture!

  2. Why do I always read your blog after midnight? lol! It makes me so hungry and reminds me that I need be better at planning our meals. Thanks for that!

  3. BTW, Orange Chicken looks yummy, I think I might try making it!


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