Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Menu: Feb 14-20

I've been on an unlucky streak lately... let me explain. Saturday I was cooking and burnt my pinky on a cookie sheet (not bad, and a rather small burn, but it still hurt!) Sunday as I was getting my coat (rather in a hurry), which had fallen onto the step of our closet (okay not a greatly organized closet, I admit) a drill (hidden by another jacket) dropped point first onto my foot. OUCH. It still hurts. Monday I woke up sick - I have a head cold ;). Also last night my son hit his head on my lip making it bleed slightly and otherwise just hurt. Today my husband ran over my toes with our car tire as I was putting my son in the car (we have a manual and he killed it just after starting it - he forgot to put his foot on the clutch.) Of course it was not the same foot as the drill hit so I feel like an attacked person! Luckily none of it was bad enough to go to the doctor. The foot that the drill fell on is the worst and has impeded me from exercising as it hurts me to have my foot flexed and to point it as well as move it a lot. It is getting better (translation: I'm not limping anymore.) I still have a head cold and probably will for a couple more days (Hubby had it about a week ago.) I certainly hope your last few days have been better than mine!

Here's our Menu: 
Monday: Ham and Red Pepper sauce Crepes

Tuesday: Chicken Soup (same as Chicken Noodle Soup without the noodles)
Wednesday: Egg Toast
Thursday: Black Bean Burger

Friday: Herb Baked Eggs

Saturday: Tortilla Soup
Sunday: Lime Steaks with Orange Rice & Veggies

Vote for the Recipe you want to see on Thursday! The two recipes that won were: Butter Parmesan Herb Pasta, Cuban Seasoned Pork Chops, I'll be posting one recipe on Thursday and one recipe soon thereafter.

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