Friday, December 4, 2009

May Be Foodless Friday: Boardgames

When Hubby and I were poor undergrads, we decided to celebrate things by buying boardgames (every couple of months or so) instead of  going out to eat (at a non-fast food place). We figured we would spend about the same amount of money but get something we'd get to keep and reuse instead of stuffing our faces and only wishing we hadn't eaten as much. Then we both graduate and moved so Hubby could go to grad school. I was working 3/4-full time until the end of my pregnancy and then stopped working... but while I was working full time we decided to order boardgames online so we could get discounts. We also decided that when we ordered we would have to get free shipping (which meant spending a bit of $$). So we bought a few more games. We enjoy playing them so we justify how much we spent on them. Before we moved, I took all our games out of their storage containers and took pictures (really trying to make all of them fit):
Looks like quite a few games, eh?
Here's another view.
So basically the games covered the card table and were stacked pretty high. We love our boardgame collection.

Most people when they hear we play games mention games such as monopoly, life, sorry (we do have Sorry Sliders and love it!), Phase 10 (own it), Boggle (also own it). Most of our games are not available in stores such as target, walmart, kmart, shopko, etc. Hence the reason we order them online... We also loved going to the store that was the local game store in the city we went to college in, it was a fun experience. We try to go there every time we go back to that area (and since we have family just north of that city we can find excuses to go back ;).

My favorite games are: Ticket to Ride, Pandemic, Mr. Jack, Carcassonne, Odin's Ravens, Bohnanza (commonly called "the bean game", and Dominion. Links are to a site, they have info about every boardgame in existence (at least every game I've heard of and more...) It is one of the sites Hubby and I check out games on before buying them.

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Coloretto is a card game great for adults and children. If you want to learn more about it please, visit click on the above link. It is one Hubby and I have our eyes on, but have not gotten yet, so I'm a little jealous of whoever wins this game!

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What is your favorite boardgame?


  1. Hmmm, I think my current favorite boardgame is Ticket to Ride.

  2. BGG User: Howitzer_120mm

    My favorite board game is Viktory 2 (Light wargame).

  3. Nice collection. My favorite game is Age of Steam, i just cant get my gaming group to play it all that often. Goodweiser is my BGG handle.

  4. Pretty nice collection. I wish my girlfriend had this kind of spirit when it comes to celebrations... hehe

    Favorite Game: Caylus
    BGG username: endou_kenji

  5. I gotta say - maybe it's because I'm really hungry right now, but the meals you post look quite delectable. I think the in-progress pictures really add to the viewer's understanding of how the meal would taste.
    You throw in gaming, and your husband is a very lucky man (as am I).
    If I had to pick one boardgame, I'd probably go with Heroscape.

  6. I show your post on BGG. My favorite game is currently Dominion.


    P.S. Don't enter me in the contest as I already own the game.

  7. Nice collection of games!

    Our current favorite is Agricola.

    BGG: Maus

  8. Hi! My favourite boardgame is either Wallenstein or Age of Steam, although Small World is climbing up the list fast!

    My BGG username is futhee.
    Hope I win!