Thursday, December 10, 2009

Computer Troubles and winner

Due to some computer troubles - such as it doesn't want to start at all and we just took it into a repair shop who will let us know Monday or Tuesday what is wrong and then how long it will take to fix it... I won't be posting until I get it back (because unfortunately I haven't backed up in like 2 months - yes I know a bad idea!)

Due to the computer troubles and the fact that no one has entered the contest in the past few days, I'm announcing the winner right now... thus the contest is ended and all that jazz.

Decided by the winner is comment #3 (sorry I'm using a library computer so there is no way I can show you that, you'll just have to trust me!)

Andrew said...

My favorite board game is Viktory 2 (Light wargame).

Congrats Andrew!

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