Monday, October 5, 2009

Meals - Sept 28 - Oct 4

This week we had an excellent menu. Friday we drove 2.5 hours to see Hubby's sister, on the way we stopped by to see my grandma. She is getting better, but because of an infection she picked up I had to get all dressed up in a gown, gloves and mask to see her (mainly because we were worried about the baby.) We were able to let my grandma see our baby through her window and she was so happy to see him!
We started out the week with a simple nacho meal. Then I made fajitas with a recipe for seasoning that I came up with, it turned out very well. The weather turned cold mid-week and so Chicken Noodle Soup sounded wonderful. I love making home-made chicken noodle soup, there is nothing like home-made noodles! Sunday I tried a new combo with the a chuck roast (Hubby likes plain roast, but I like to be more adventurous). Hubby liked it, but still prefers plain, but I really loved the flavor of the roast!

Here's our meals:

Macho Nachos



Chicken Noodle Soup

Chicken Enchiladas at my sister in law's apartment (Thanks :)

Mom's Lasagna

Garlic-Black Pepper Roast

Vote for which recipe you want to see Wednesday!


  1. I vote for the fajitas, but all your pictures look delicious :)

  2. I vote for the fajitas too :)


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