Friday, October 30, 2009

May Be Foodless Friday: More Confessions of a Food Blogger

So a few weeks ago I confessed that I have over 100 recipes that I want to try, well... make that 208 (as of Wednesday at 5 PM). I organized the recipes into some categories that worked for me (thanks for the ideas.)

Here's more of a confession: out of those 208 recipes - 97 dessert recipes, 28 main dish recipes, 19 breakfast recipes, 17 bread recipes, 10 snack recipes,10 side dish recipes, and 25 other recipes (other recipes include condiments, and how-to). That means that I have 3 times as many dessert recipes as any other recipes that I have.

Am I really going to make all these desserts? I think all the other recipes are doable, but 100 desserts is really WAY too many - currently it's not unachievable but I keep adding to it every week. Maybe I should just run and hide from any blog post that has any mention of a dessert recipe, but they are the posts that tend to draw me in. It is like the magazines at the counter in grocery stores, the ones that have delicious desserts on the cover. You all know the ones I'm talking about, but the thing that makes me laugh is that most of them also have a headline about losing weight - SERIOUSLY - next time you're in the store check it out. There is no way you'll lose the weight claimed by eating the dessert on the cover. Great marketing - some women will buy them because of the dessert recipe and others because of the weight loss gimmicks.

I'll let you know if I EVER get through my dessert list, and how much weight I gain in the process... okay, I'll at least let you know if I get through all the recipes.

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