Monday, September 14, 2009

Meals September 7-13

This past week, we actually had a few days where we didn't eat at home, so I haven't made as many meals as I had planned to use up my pantry items, but I can't complain about the great food and friends we spent time with! Tonight is the last night I'm actually going to cook dinner before we move. We'll be having leftovers tomorrow, a friend is bringing dinner Tuesday and we're going to a favorite Mexican grill the next night. The menu for this past week was:

$15 Chicken (Named because that's about what you'd pay to buy this at a restaurant)

Chicken Italian Pasta

Potluck dinner farewell (we took crackers and bean dip)

Chicken Italian Pasta

BBQ (Fall Social with my husband's department)

Dinner at our friends (Thanks Ben & Crystal!)

Southwestern Chicken Skillet with Cornbread

Be sure to vote on which of the recipes you would like to see. This poll is going to be going all week and the recipe will be posted next week. Wednesday I'll be posting a recipe of my choice due to the move. Poll will be closed in one week, on Tuesday at 8 PM.

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