Friday, September 4, 2009

May Be Foodless Friday: Giveaway, small & simple - Closed

A few weeks ago, I posted about Potato Bags, and how much I loved them as well as how to make them. Let me tell you, I still love them and I have an extra one that I would love to give away to one of you. In reality I would love to give away something huge, but since my husband is still finishing his Master's Degree it is not in the budget, hopefully some day it will be (and when it is, I will remember those of you who followed this site when it was beginning... Any entrant to this contest will be able to comment on future contests that they were here for the first contest and get an extra entry just for being here now). For now though, this is what I have to give away. I made this potato bag (it has sentimental value, at least for me), it is a left over from last Christmas... Last Christmas when I tried to find potato fabric to make these... but couldn't - maybe I should have been living in Idaho. I'm sure you would be able to find potato fabric in Idaho, right? I got sidetracked... where was I, oh yeah the giveaway.
The bag sent to the winner will look exactly like the one above. For those of you who have never used one of these, they are wonderful. They cook baked potatoes in the microwave in minutes and taste like they came out of the oven (Or pretty close, I'm sure if you made one in the oven and on in the microwave and did a test the oven made potato would be a bit better, but take 6 times as long.)
For those of you who weren't here for the post, or didn't click on the link above to refresh your memory, this bag can also be used for: Day old rolls, Acorn Squash, Carrots, String Beans, Sweet Corn and Sweet Potatoes.

So here's the deal. You can enter more than once, but you have to follow these rules:

Entry 1 - Leave a comment and let me know your favorite way to eat potatoes

Entry 2 - You can follow/subscribe to feed on my blog and leave me a comment (if you are already following me/subscribed just leave me a comment telling me)

Entry 3 - You can become a fan of my new Facebook Page

Entry 4 - You can follow me on Twitter (again if you are already following me just leave me a comment telling me)

Entries 5+ - You can promote this contest via Facebook, twitter (use for the shortened link), blogging about it, emailing your friends, sharing it with your friends in Google Reader (or some other such tool). For each different way (I will not accept you tweeting about it 20 times, or even 2. You can tweet about it as many times as you want, but I will only accept one entry.) you promote it you can leave me a comment telling me.

This contest has ended. Winners will be announced Friday at 9AM.


  1. My favorite way to eat potatoes is au gratin. athol.sam (at) gmail (dot) com

  2. I have subscribed to your blog via Google Reader
    athol.sam (at) gmail (dot) com

  3. I just became a fan on facebook.

    athol.sam (at) gmail (dot) com

  4. I loooove fried potatoes esp. the crispy ones.

  5. I think I love potatoes cooked any way. It is my downfall -- but I'm from Idaho! Baked potatoes are probably my favorite, next would be sliced and baked in the oven with onions, butter, salt and pepper. This potato bag looks great! saundras_place (at) yahoo (dot) com

  6. Signed up and what a good idea on the pot. bag!

    I love scallop pots.!

  7. I love potatoes any way you can cook them (I lived in Idaho when I was young)but mashed potatoes would be my favorite with hash browns a close second.