Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Cake and more cake...

Things have been a little busy around here lately... First, we had my son's 3rd birthday party this weekend. I decided to make him a race-track cake since he likes Cars so much.
 He was enthralled by it as soon as he figured out what it was going to be. He called it the race crew cake.
In fact I couldn't get him to stop looking at it long enough to write Happy Birthday on it, and wrote it around him... The lettering kind of stinks, but he didn't care.
This is my favorite picture of him and the cake (he was still in his pj's and this was right after I finished it, but the look is priceless.) The hours of work, the pounds of marshmallows,  (the stands are made out of rice cereal treats AND I made marshmallow fondant as well...) and hundreds of jelly beans were totally worth it to see his reaction!

Then last night I had a dinner with our local congregation's women. It was fun, but I volunteered to make cheesecake for the night... So this week I made:
4 of these cookie sheet cheesecakes. They turned out great. (I love it when that happens... this is the only one that actually cracked.)

So in a nutshell, I've been so busy in the kitchen that I haven't had time to write about my kitchen adventures.


  1. Oh my goodness what an awesome cake! I am new to your blog. Glad I found it!!

  2. can you please tell me what size cakes you used to create the race track? Can you also tell me what you used to make the black track and the edge of the cake? Thank you

    1. The cake was a 9x13, it may have had a 9 inch circle cake cut in half and added to both ends as well. The stands were made out of rice krispy treats (a whole lot of them!)
      The black track was black sugar paper. The whole thing was covered in fondant and then painted with food coloring (I mixed it in a bit of water to help it paint on better.)


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