Friday, June 24, 2011

Weather, Bird's Identified and a Winner

Last week I posted about our traveling to Madison, Wi where my husband successfully defended and deposited his Master's Thesis. (Finally after 2 years of writing in addition to the 2 years of coursework!) What I failed to tell you is that while we were in Madison, the weather decided to do some crazy stuff and for a couple of days that we were there it was actually hotter and more humid in Madison than in Miami! Then it cooled off by 30 degrees in a few hours and had hail and tornado warnings... complete with the greenish sky.
One of the warm hot days I took my son to the splash park (hubby was working on edits to the thesis in order to get it handed in.)

He stayed nice and cool (as well as got worn out from running around for an hour!)

Now getting back to the birds: I'm going to label the birds I know...

#1 - Eastern Bluebird
#2 - Northern Cardinal
#3- Pretty sure this is a tree swallow
#4 - unsure, this bird only sat in the tree the whole time so we only saw the head.
#4 again with #6 mobbing it
#5 (bottom bird) - Brown Headed Cowbird
#6 BlueJay
 #7 Baltimore Oriole

And now for the winner:
Comment #2 is :
Natalie G. said...
I thought #3 was a blue bird until I saw #6. I think that is a true blue bird.
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