Wednesday, February 6, 2013

How to make Quinoa in a Rice Cooker

This is the second post in my how to make series. The first was how to make quinoa on the stove top. Today we're discussing how to make it in a rice cooker. I really love cooking quinoa in a rice cooker... okay I admit I also love cooking rice, cous cous and Irish oats in my rice cooker as well. It is just so much easier to start it and forget about it! (And honestly, who doesn't love a food they can just put in something and forget about for a while - that's why slow cookers are so popular!)

How To Cook Quinoa: Rice Cooker
 First you'll need to rinse the quinoa. (I discussed a different method in my last post on quinoa.) I lined a strainer with paper towels (double layer) and then ran water over the quinoa. I must admit that I really felt like quinoa and styrofoam have a great tendency to cling to my hands!
Give it a good rinse.
 Once it is rinsed, grab the sides of the paper towel
and remove paper towel (with quinoa in it) and drain.
 Then place the quinoa in the bowl of your rice cooker.
Then add in some water (or broth - broth gives it a better flavor.)
 For each cup of quinoa you'll need about 2 cups of water - the exact amount depends on your rice cooker and your elevation, etc. Start with 2 cups to each cup and adjust as necessary.
 Cook until water is absorbed and quinoa is 'fluffy'.

Eat plain or add into any quinoa recipe such as Quinoa with Roasted Peppers and Caramelized Onions, or Beef and Bacon Quinoa.

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