Wednesday, January 2, 2013

My Resolutions

My husband and I like to set goals for different areas of our lives. Physical, emotional, spiritual, family, house, finances, etc.

Physical - Live healthier - I'm going back on my PCOS eating plan (took a break after the baby came... I'm not that with it while being sleep deprived and spending most of my energy keeping 2 kids alive ;). I'm also going to attempt to exercise 5 days per week - I think I can now that my baby isn't quite so attention needy - but I'm going to monitor and adjust this as needed. My goal is to get to a point where I'm exercising 30 minutes each day I exercise. I'm starting out at 10-15 and working up.

Emotional - I am going to have some 'me' time every day. Yep, alone time for just me... Hopefully that will also help my PPD. I'm still working on logistics for this one!

Spiritual - My goal here is to be sure to study scripture for 30 minutes per day and be more sincere in my communication with God.

Family - Major goal here is to get us on a bedtime schedule. We're horrible at it! I'm pretty sure I'm no good at keeping a schedule like a responsible adult.


Marriage - Date night every other week (this is a continuation of one we actually started a couple of months ago, and the reason it's every other week instead of every week is because we do a babysitting swap and so the off week we're babysitting so another couple can go on a date.)

House - Organization. We have space to put everything, but I need to actually figure out how best to use it and get some containers to put things in ;).

Finances - Pay of Hubby's student loan from grad school and finally only have our house as our only debt (unless our poor car decides to call it quits and then we'll most likely have a car payment as well...)

Those are my goals, and no I didn't outline how exactly I'm going to accomplish them here because I didn't want to bore you or go into more personal details... ;)

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