Monday, January 21, 2013

My computer is in a bad spot

So one of my unwritten goals this year was to post more on my blog... and I did well for the first week ;). However, I felt the need to make the next post I posted about one that had a recipe. The main problem? I don't have any photos edited for a recipe post... I have realized in the last week that the main reason I haven't edited photos is because my time I like to edit photos is in the daytime and currently my screen is facing 3 south windows. That means I have BIG time glares on my screen for pretty much the whole time the sun is up. Unfortunately glares and photo editing don't really get along. (Plus lately the time I've had for photo editing while the sun is down has gone to editing photos for my friend's baby that I took New Year's Eve.) 

So I'm thinking I should move my computer so the glare is not there. However, I really, really, really like where the computer is besides the whole glare issue...I don't want to put dark curtains up because it's better for my mood when I have the natural light.

So right now I'm debating as to what to do and I still haven't edited any recipe photos. But I do have a few I'm really wanting to share, so hopefully I'll be able to edit them soon - after the sun goes down...

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