Friday, September 2, 2011

Foodless Friday: Camera...

For those of you following me on twitter, you may have seen during the last week (Aug 30) when I tweeted the following:

          My camera died... well it didn't exactly die, but it won't take pictures anymore! Sad day.

followed by :

          I can't say that my camera dying is totally unexpected... the button popped off in July and I've been
          using a bobby pin to snap pictures!

It's true, my camera died... it's also true that the button popped off on July 4th (when we went birdwatching.) Also true that I have been using a bobby pin to actually take the pictures with since then. It actually died on me in the beginning of me taking pictures for the recipe I was making that day... Isn't that just my luck. It could have died AFTER I was finished!
I actually really love my camera! The poor thing has taken about 20,000 pictures (no lie). It has given me pictures like (never fear, I'm not even sharing 0.1% of the photos that have been taken - okay I'm close to 0.1% but that is only 20 after all!):
(One of the first pictures taken with the camera - we got it as a College Graduation present.)
 Pictures of birds, small
and large...
 Pictures of flowers...
Hubby would take lots of pictures of flowers when we were in college - it was his way of giving me flowers we couldn't afford.
Mexican Hat
It's been with us on trips...

Springtime at the Arboretum


Me & My Son Revised
For celebrations... Welcoming our son,
Birthday Cake
celebrating his first birthday,
2 years! Green Monkey
and second birthday.
Happy 90th Birthday
Celebrating my grandfather's (paternal) 90th birthday
It's been with us at more somber occasions (I know this picture doesn't really show somber) such as my Grandmother's (maternal) funeral, and just over a year later - my grandfathers (he's hiding behind the plant).
Sister Love
It's been with us as we've visited with family (and friends)
Apricot Cheesecake Slice
and most applicable to this blog, it's been with me since the very first post. Taken pictures of all the food I've made in the past two years!

This weekend I'm going to be buying a new camera (just a simple point and shoot variety... if we weren't in the process of buying a house I'd be getting a SLR!)
For now I just want to tell my camera thanks - thanks for all the memories you helped capture in the past 4 years! I also just have to ask you one question: Couldn't you have died 4 months earlier when our extended warranty was still in effect!


  1. Aw, that sucks - I'd be gutted if my camera broke! Is there definitely no way you can get it fixed? If you could afford it at all, you could maybe consider getting a second-hand or refurbished DSLR. I've got a Canon EOS 400D (I think it's called a Digital Rebel XTi in the US). I've had it for some years already... at least 4 I think but it's rolling on wonderfully and you could probably pick a second hand one up on eBay for quite cheap...

  2. I'd have to travel hours to find a camera repair shop (Joys of living rural!) We're getting a point and shoot until we save up for a DSLR. I want to have a point and shoot I can carry around in my purse anyway so it's all good. I do like the second hand idea and may look into it. Thanks.


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