Monday, January 3, 2011

First Menu of 2011!

Happy New Year! (So it's 3 days late... oh well!) I think life may have calmed down a bit for us lately, but I hesitate to say that as I may be asking for more trouble ;).

Last night I was watching the news (more particularly the weather) and had to share what the weatherman said... Our low the night before last was a striking -31 (Degrees Fahrenheit - for those who have not experienced weather this cold - don't try it... it is COLD.) Then when he was telling of the lows for last night, he said, "That low (insert small town name here and read -22 degrees on screen) may be optimistic tonight." Yeah, that -22 may be an optimistic estimate... not exactly what you want to hear. Brrr. I sure hope it is warmer in your neck of the woods!

In the past few weeks, I have not really cooked that much (partly because we went to the in-laws house for a week.) So I have only made two recipes that have not been posted on this blog already. I'm not going to give a day by day menu. I will be starting that again next week.
 Black Bean and Tortilla Casserole (a new favorite in our family!)
 Pecan Crusted Chicken (A remembered favorite!)

Vote for the recipe you want to see next Thursday (Jan. 13).


  1. I no longer live in a place where it gets to -31 routinely, if ever, but I spent 4 years in Montreal, so I know your pain! The days when you feel practically balmy when the temperatures go up to the -20s... yeah. There's a lot I miss about Montreal, but that is definitely not one of them!

  2. Black Bean and Tortilla Casserole--definitely


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