Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tuesday Treats: Easy Death By Chocolate Cake

I made this cake for my son's birthday - not the most effective cake for decorating... I had to make another one because his grandfather did not get any due to a miscommunication (basically I forgot to tell my husband not to eat the piece I saved for my dad.) Not that I was complaining about making a cake that has this much chocolate. Honestly this cake was absolutely delicious considering it was made out of a box! I really want to make it again, but I know if I make it I would eat all of it and that would not help me reduce my sugar intake!

I got this recipe from my husband's sister, who got it from one of her previous roommates, who actually stayed with my husband and I for a week or two while finding housing a few states away (following me still?) Small world, and before I really confuse people, let me just say: thanks for the cake recipe Elise and Margaret!

Easy Death By Chocolate Cake

First, take a large box (5 oz) of cook and serve chocolate pudding and make according to package directions. Of course if you go to a store and they only have small boxes (3.4 oz) of chocolate pudding, make one and a half boxes (more annoying, but I was not to be deterred, after all it is chocolate!).
Place milk in a pan.
Add pudding mixture
Stir until combined
It takes a minute for it all to blend.
Heat while stirring constantly
Until mixture thickens
and starts to boil
Turn off heat and add 1 cup of chocolate chips (Here's where I varied from the original recipe - I had to add chocolate chips melted into the cake.)
Stir until melted.
Let pudding cool slightly.
Take one chocolate cake mix and place in bowl.
Add pudding and mix until combined.
The mixture will be a little thick. How thick? - I held this whisk to take the picture and the batter did not fall off. 
Maybe that is why I like this cake better, it is a dense cake, but still moist. I am not a fan of fluffy cakes... I usually make brownies instead. This was a perfect cross between a brownie and a cake. I'm going to be quite now before I go make it again...I don't need to gain the 5 lbs I've lost this year back.
You want to know the best thing about this batter? No raw eggs so you can snitch the batter and not feel guilty, that is if you are the type who feels guilty eating raw cake/brownie batter and cookie dough. Is there anybody who feels guilty eating raw batter/dough? I guess I did when I was pregnant - so if you're pregnant you can eat this batter!
Put the batter into a cake pans.
Or muffin tins.
Top with 1 cup chocolate chips (I actually did not top the muffins with chocolate chips...)
Bake according to the back of the cake mix box for size of pan you are using.
Remove from oven when finished baking. Chocolate chips will be warm, I smeared them all over the cake. It felt right.
Notice the cupcakes are lacking the chocolate chips...
Next I frosted the cake.
You can just eat it without frosting, but if it is Death By Chocolate, I figured it needed one more layer of chocolate. Recipe I used for the frosting coming next week!
 So much chocolate...
Don't those cupcakes just look delicious?!
Happy Spring everybody! Overdose on chocolate, it's the right thing to do. Unless you're trying to lose weight, then keep this cake as far away as possible... unless you have better self control than I do, or do not like chocolate - but if you did not like chocolate you probably wouldn't be making the cake anyway!
All I can say is that our family sure enjoyed this cake! Though not all of us were quite this messy.


  1. Hey, I'm always willing to share other people's recipes for them! I am glad you enjoyed this one. It is a great way to get a chocolate fix, and you are right, it's a good texture. (I like it better on day 2 myself).

  2. WOW!!! So sickening yet delicious


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